Anyone who has ever tried to sell their home knows it can be a daunting task. Even in a seller’s market, the final closing is never guaranteed. But to sell your home fast? That can be an uphill battle. It’s not just a question of finding the right buyer willing to pay the right price. It’s a question of chance.

Or is it? The truth is you can sell your home fast, even in a less than ideal market. Here’s ten tips to consider if you want to move out of your home quickly.

1. List Your Home at Higher Than Fair Market Value

Both buyers and agents are automatically going to negotiate your home’s asking price—often at your disadvantage. By listing your home at slightly more than fair market value, you’re not just ensuring you get a fair share. You’re giving the impression that your home is actually worth more than comparable listings.

2. Stage to Sell

Staging isn’t necessarily complicated, and it doesn’t require any special decorating skills. By simply decluttering your home and rearranging furniture, you can create the impression of open space and highlight your home’s natural beauty.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer

Some 87 percent of buyers have indicated that viewing photos online influenced their decision to view a home. Unfortunately, many homeowners assume that listing their homes with a grainy image shot on their smartphones is sufficient so long as the price is right. That’s hardly the case. Professional photography costs can be affordable despite what you may have heard. More importantly, they know precisely how to capture your home in its perfect setting.

4. List Your Home at the Right Time

Selling your home fast isn’t a question of knowing the real estate market. It means knowing the right season. Buyers will almost never purchase during the winter months; and if you’re in close proximity to a school, you’re not going to attract young families during the fall. Summer and spring are traditionally warmer periods for home sales, so list accordingly.

5. De-Personalize Your Home

Buyers tend to know exactly what they’re looking for in a home and exactly how they want to decorate it. There’s no need to give your home a lived-in look when buyers will have entirely different tastes than yours. Remove all personal mementoes and knick knacks prior to scheduling an open house or showing.

6. Clean Thoroughly Prior to a Showing

A thorough cleaning of your home isn’t just a simple tidying up. Buyers will inspect everything from kitchen countertops to your garage and even your basement. Keeping your home as neat and tidy as possible shows you’ve invested time and care in maintaining it—a crucial element which lets buyers know there’s no reason to worry about potential repairs.

7. Schedule a Showing at the Buyer’s Convenience

Flexibility and accommodation is key if you’re hoping to attract the right buyer. That frequently means they want to see your home at any given moment, including evenings and weekends. It may not be convenient for you; but if you require several days’ advance notice you’re likely to find buyers will schedule a showing with a neighbor who won’t.

8. Pick the Selling Strategy That Works Best for You

A For Sale by Owner (FSBO) home may seem like a less expensive option for you than relying on an agent. But agents have the advantage of experience, marketing skills and an entire list of prospective buyers. FSBO homes can and do frequently sell. But unless you have negotiation skills, you may find yourself taken advantage of by more savvy buyers.

9. But Don’t Necessarily Rely on an Agent

It’s been estimated it can take over three months to sell a home through an agent. That doesn’t even include lender approval and closing time and cost. That’s hardly what you’d call selling a home fast. If you add in the additional 6 percent commission agents normally command and the inevitable price negotiations, you’re going to be getting considerably less than you bargained for unless you’re careful.

10. Consider Selling Your Home to a Home Buying Company

Home buying companies specialize in purchasing homes as is; meaning that no matter what condition your home is in, you’re guaranteed a sale in most cases. And frequently, that sale can be arranged in under two weeks. There’s no need to wait for closing times or pay additional title fees. That’s because a reputable home buying company will arrange everything on your schedule, not theirs. More importantly, it’s safe, reliable and convenient. And it’s an option that has helped millions of Americans sell their homes fast over the past two decades. Is this something you’re interested in? Contact ClearSale today at 303-900-0344 or fill out the form below!

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