How We Can Buy Your Denver House Fast in Seven Days

How We Can Buy Your Denver House Fast in Seven Days

How We Can Buy Your Denver House Fast in Seven Days

When you’re looking to sell your Denver home, it can be a tedious and lengthy process. However, here at ClearSale, we buy houses Denver fast and offer cash upfront. 

Keep reading to gain a better understanding of our three-step process!

1. Call and Set Up an Appointment

The first step is for you to reach out! We have agents ready to take your call and create an appointment. When you call, we’ll try to schedule an evaluation of your home for the next available date. Normally, this is within two to three business days if you have a lot of availability the week that you call. 

2. We Evaluate Your Home

Once we set a date, we’ll come visit your home and evaluate it. A couple of things that we’re looking at during our evaluation:

  • The home’s condition
  • The house’s size
  • Overall location
  • Yard size

Although we evaluate your home’s condition, we don’t request that you make any updates or renovations to the home before we purchase it. That’s another way that we keep our buying process simple and quick.

3. We Make a Cash Offer

After visiting your home and conducting research on what other homes in your area are selling for, we’ll make you a cash offer. We’ll buy the house “as is” and based on your home’s condition, this could affect the overall offer’s price point. If you like the offer, you can accept and we’ll move forward with quickly filing the paperwork! If you don’t, we can negotiate some. 

If you’re looking to sell my house fast Denver, Colorado home quickly, then working with us is a surefire way for you to avoid the stresses of the normal house selling process! Get in touch with us today at 303-900-0344 so you can get moving on selling your Denver home! 

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