Can You Sell a House Before Probate in Colorado Springs?

Is Pre-Probate House Selling Possible in Colorado Springs?


Recent changes to Colorado Springs’ probate laws have created a unique opportunity for people looking to sell their homes before going through the probate process. The new provisions now allow the executor of an estate (the individual in charge of administering the deceased’s estate) to bypass the lengthy probate process, and potentially save thousands of dollars in court and attorney fees.

For those wishing to sell their home before going through probate, this can be an attractive opportunity. While probate is unavoidable for larger estates, smaller estates may not require the full extent of the probate process. This can be especially true for those citizens living in Colorado Springs.

The probate process can be an intimidating and time-consuming process, involving a great deal of paperwork and specific requirements. In Colorado Springs, the cost of going through probate can often exceed $2,000 per estate. After paying all the necessary fees, what is left of the estate may not even be enough to realistically cover the costs of closing the sale of the house.

When the executor of an estate is able to avoid the probate process, they gain access to one of the most powerful tools to aid in the sale of the property: a real estate broker. A broker is invaluable when it comes to preparing the house for sale, as they can provide advice on marketing the property, setting competitive prices, and helping to negotiate with potential buyers. This extra assistance can make a significant difference when attempting to sell a house before it goes through probate.

When an executor of an estate in Colorado Springs chooses to forgo the traditional probate process and instead uses a broker to list the house for sale, the legal formalities may still need to be taken care of. To ensure the sale meets all legal requirements, it is important to work with an experienced real estate lawyer who is familiar with Colorado probate law. An experienced attorney can ensure that the we buy houses in Denver, sale is valid, carries no potential claims from future heirs and protects the executor from any potential liability.

The ability to bypass the traditional probate process can provide a unique opportunity to those in Colorado Springs looking to sell their house before the long and expensive probate process begins. With the help of an experienced real estate broker and attorney, the sale of the house can be completed quickly and without unnecessary cost or hassle. Selling a house in Colorado Springs before probate can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on probate fees, allowing the final beneficiaries of the estate to receive a larger portion of the proceeds.

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