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10 Potential Title Problems During a Colorado Home Closing

10 Title Issues You Could Encounter When Closing on a Home in Colorado


Buying a home is an exciting process, but there are many details to attend to and laws set forth by the state that must be followed. Property title issues may arise with each potential transaction and become increasingly more complicated during closing.

Buyers in Colorado need to thoroughly understand their rights, including certain types of title problems they can correct quickly and those that need legal resolution.

This blog post outlines 10 common title issues you could encounter when closing on your home in Colorado and provides tips so that you feel prepared throughout the buying journey.

1. Debates on Boundary Lines

When a property owner builds on an area that doesn’t belong to them, it can be challenging to determine where the legal boundaries are. You must discern who is the rightful landowner for any construction or development to take place.

2. Property Liens

Despite the new ownership of a property, there is still the potential risk of a bank placing a lien on it if previous owners had any outstanding debts. This intensifies with distressed properties since their former occupants might need to pay off their mortgage and extra bills.

3. Potential Beneficiaries or Unidentified Will Provisions

Buying a home may come with surprises if the former homeowner neglected to disclose their will before passing. If they didn’t inform the rightful heirs of their inheritance, there could be legal issues once they find out about the house you’ve purchased.

4. Errors in Public Records

Filing errors, inaccurate data, and duplicate entries can result in an incorrect public record for a property. Make sure you are diligent when researching title history to avoid any discrepancies that could cause delays or problems in the future.

5. Former Owner Declared Bankruptcy

Buyers must look into the financial history of the past owners to make sure there are no bankruptcies that could affect their ownership. If there are, it would be best for you to contact a lawyer who specializes in such matters to help navigate the legal implications.

6. Unlawful Deed

If a deed does not satisfy the conditions mandated by Colorado, it can be classified as an unlawful document. This often arises when minors, non-residents, and undocumented immigrants attempt to file such documents.

7. Forgeries

Unfortunately, fake paperwork can pop up during a title transfer, with the seller attempting to take advantage of the buyer or purposely providing incorrect information. These documents are unlawful and must be acted upon right away.

8. Unknown Easements

Easements are rights a person or organization can have over someone else’s land. If there are unknown easements present on the property, it can create conflict and legal issues. Plus, businesses and organizations can use these to build on the land or access it.

9. Unanticipated Liabilities

If a third party suddenly claims portions of your property, it is likely due to either past mortgages or liens on the premises and restrictions that limit your usage. In this case, you may be subject to their legal authority over those particular parts of your estate.

10. ​​False Impersonations by a Previous Owner

Identity theft is a real issue when purchasing a home — especially if the owner has a common name. If another party using the same name sells you their “home,” your title could be invalid, and you may lose your legal rights with no recourse.

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