Although December can be a hectic time of the year to sell your house – with holiday shopping, family get-togethers, and winter events taking up a large portion of your time – this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to sell your home in December! 

If you’re thinking about selling your Colorado house during the winter months, consider some of the pros and cons of your final decision.

Pros to Selling Your Home in December

1. Active Buyers 

The home buyers who are shopping for a home in December are most likely moving during the holiday season due to a change in their circumstances. They’re possibly relocating due to a job change, financial shift, or family need. Whatever their reason, they’ll be quick to reach out and get back to you.

2. Fewer Home Sellers 

You may be at an advantage to list your home in December because many other homeowners will wait until the spring to sell their houses. This means the market will be less competitive. Due to this, if you find that there are a large number of potential buyers looking for a new home, you may be able to list your home for a higher price

3. Agents Have More Free Time

Since there are less homes that are up for sale during the winter months and there are less buyers in the market, agents will have more time on their hands to help out the clients they do have. This means that your agent will be more inclined to help you reach a wider market of people while buyers’ agents will be likely to point their clients in your direction. 

Cons to Selling Your Home in December

2. Buyers May Make Low Offers 

Some buyers and agents may think that people who list their home in December are desperate to make a quick sale. Although this might not be the case for your situation, you might have to navigate some low offers depending on what type of market you’re in. 

2. Hectic Holiday Season

One of the main cons to selling your home in December has nothing to do with the weather or your local home market and instead has everything to do with your own personal life. Finding the time to sell a home in December can be a challenge if you’re busy hosting parties or visiting family. 

How to Sell Your Home in December

1. Make Your Home Comfortable

If potential buyers are willing to attend an open house during the cold and dark winter months, be sure to give your house an inviting warmth to it. In December, consider putting up some minimalist holiday decorations. You don’t want to over do it, but your decorations will help buyers see their own decorations in your home. In addition to holiday decorations, light candles or a fireplace (if you have one) to help your home feel cozy. Lastly, offer a drink like hot chocolate or warm apple cider at the open house. Each of these will help leave buyers with a positive impression of your home. 

2. Play Up Your Landscaping

One of the main challenges with selling your home in December is bleak landscape and leafless trees. Make a concentrated effort to decorate your landscape in accordance with the holidays. Consider putting white fairy lights in trees or planting poinsettias in your empty pots. While you don’t want to go over the top, if you can show potential buyers how lovely your landscape is in the winter, then you’ll certainly be able to talk to them about envisioning how beautiful it can be in the other seasons. 

Selling your home in December can be a challenge, but ClearSale is prepared to help you! Call 303-900-0344 today so you can sell my house fast Denver Colorado home quickly and get back to enjoying your holiday season. 

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