Facing Bankruptcy In Denver

Facing Bankruptcy and Need to Sell Your House Fast?

Clear Sale has taken over the buying of homes from those who have or are experiencing bankruptcy in Denver and in Colorado. Our team has had much practice in the legal obligations concerning bankruptcy attorneys and administrators. Let the power of our specialists and abilities work for you to sell your home fast Denver, and we'll develop a plan made for you and your house!

Bankruptcy Problems? 

We can help!

  • Avoiding bankruptcy
  • We help people in Chapter 13 or Chapter 7
  • Even if you fell behind on house payments
  • Don't lose protection and avoid foreclosure

We buy houses Denver!  For over two decades, we have been providing assistance to those struggling with bankruptcy and foreclosure by purchasing their homes with our own funds. This means that our transactions could be finalized as fast as 48 hours, offering you cash instead of credit and potentially saving you from filing for bankruptcy in Denver Colorado and from any potential damage to your credit score.

We WIll answer All questions! Call Now 303-900-0344.

We are committed to exploring all options with you and extend a prompt, fair offer on your house. This will allow you to avoid filing for bankruptcy and also protect your credit rating. Topping our list of priorities is to provide you with a no-obligation cash offer that will enable you to either prevent bankruptcy or successfully move through the bankruptcy process.

Clear Sale purchased 100s of Colorado houses in problem situations just like you. read our REVIEWS!

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