Need to Stop a Foreclosure in Denver?

We Can Help You Stop a Foreclosure

Why Does Foreclosure Happen?

  • Lost wages or jobs
  • Health expenses or medical issues
  • Unaffordable Inheritances
  • Increasing loan debt

How Long Does Forecloser Take?

In Colorado it can take four months up to 1 year, once the process of foreclosure begins.

How Can I Stop Foreclosure?

1. Bankruptcy Filing

A lawyer might propose filing for insolvency as a potential solution; however, this can sometimes only delay repossession. Bankruptcy may give you a bit of time, but unless you make current mortgage payments, your house will quite possibly be sold at auction even after the bankruptcy proceedings.

If your home goes to foreclosure, this could mean:

  • Loss of your home
  • Credit score problems
  • 7 years to buy another home

2. Sell Your Denver House Fast

One of the most effective ways to get out of this situation is to unload your house as quickly as possible. Doing so will save you from suffering through a foreclosure and help you move on with your life, without worrying about the effects of having a foreclosure on your credit history for years.  So call us to sell my house fast Denver.

The ClearSale® Solution:

At ClearSale®, our mission is to present an answer that will assist you in dodging this dilemma. We are accomplished in buying houses in Denver, and we collaborate with your mortgage lender to prevent foreclosure if there is insignificant or no equity.

Since 2002, we’ve been aiding individuals who have faced a foreclosure on their property. Our objective is to be of assistance to you, so you are able to move forward with your life and keep your credit score consistent. We are pleased to offer a professional team that specializes in assisting people going through predicaments like these get their finances back in order. Contact us to stop foreclosure fast in Denver.

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