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The best in the business,good people

Raouf Bugaighis January 10, 2024

So far everything has gone great. Brian came and took pictures of the house inside and out. Explained how things happen and am waiting for the offer on our house

Phil Hunter January 9, 2024

Initial query and investgation into possible offer i going great. Team members are all very courteous, respectful, and professional.

Allan Bulmann January 7, 2024

Rick was super helpful and very knowledgeable. He took his time explaining the process to me to make sure I understood fully. We needed to sale fast due to relocation. I recommend Rick and ClearSale for your quick sale needs.

Misty Baker January 4, 2024

Very efficient and professional prompt and knowledgeable made things easy for us

First impressions were great. Am looking forward to his Tuesday reoort.

Ralph Asher December 22, 2023

This was the quickest and easiest company I've had dealt with. Rick came out and was very thorough, talking the time to explain step by step the process and setting realistic expectations. He took the time to answer all my questions straight forward and in a timely manner. I never felt once like I was being pushed into anything one way or another which is a refreshing experience. If you're looking for a straight shooter and a company who isn't just saying what you want to hear but rather saying what is realistic then give them a call, especially Rick!

Christina Miller December 20, 2023

Bryan was professional, friendly, informative and most of all, on time.

Jake Byrd December 16, 2023

He was quite pleasant and professional. I felt comfortable while he was here.

Gloria Goodman December 4, 2023

My call was returned on a weekend!! I only wanted to ask a couple of questions, which were answered simply and no pressure. The conversation was professional and friendly. A pleasant surprise

Donna Hoffman November 28, 2023

Brian made the inspection smooth and comfortable. Thank you, Brian.

Michael Montour November 16, 2023

Process so far is smooth. Brian from ClearSale came over to the property and inspection was quick and efficient. The team is friendly and approachable, no pressure tactics. Waiting for the offer, I would recommend them as it’s been very quick and easy

Norman Brown November 16, 2023

Rick was very helpful all the time and answer my calls and questions very well

Jairam Patel November 14, 2023

Punctual and professional

Al Thomas November 10, 2023

Troy was professional and polite, amicable even. He was forthright with how the process works and was able to offer insights about our concerns. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to sell their house without the hassles of conventional selling methods.

Jesse Andrews November 9, 2023

Brian was great to work with and I highly recommend him

William Longmire November 9, 2023

Troy has done s great job for me

Kevin Gardner November 9, 2023

Even though we ultimately couldn’t work out an offer, Rick was wonderful to work with. He was knowledgeable, respectful, and explained the process well.

Lindsay Gard November 8, 2023

Carisa and Brian are pleasant and easy to work with.

Laraine Otto November 6, 2023

I met with Troy and he’s very knowledgeable answered all my questions that I had and he made sure that I understand everything and then we drew up a contract. And he’s been in touch with me ever since we started to meet with the process going forward..

Chris October 31, 2023

My wife and I were both very happy with the whole process of selling our home to ClearSale. Emma was very helpful from the first phone call and Brian was kind and gave us an amazing offer for our home. The best part for us was that we didn't have to do any repairs or clearing out or cleaning. Since I'm disabled and my wife is elderly, this was a perfect fit for us. We'd recommend ClearSale to everyone!

Happy Joy October 26, 2023

Very informative , areal Gentleman ,

Al Stracke October 23, 2023

They Understood the reason of our concerns when it came to our decision regarding our home. Thanks!

Rick at ClearSale has been a pleasure to deal with. He is very transparent and knowledgeable!

Stephen Graham October 23, 2023

Rick was very professional and knowledgeable. Outstanding!

Craig Pearce October 19, 2023

Everyone professional and answer all questions

Kathy Clang October 18, 2023

Rick was super nice, very professional. Knowledgeable, answered our questions.

Karen Beyer October 18, 2023

It was a pleasure to speak with Troy. He is very professional, clearly very knowledgeable, and courteous. He provided very good, succinct information regarding the process, the condition of our property, the company, and comparisons to other selling options.

Daniel Bowen October 17, 2023

I was really impressed with how professional and reassuring Rick and the whole team were. The offer was more than fair. Overall, you came into a stressful situation and wanted to relieve the pressure rather than add more. Definitely a company I would trust in the future and recommend to friends even though I went with another deal this time.

Muir Fionn October 16, 2023

So far, I’ve been impressed with ClearSale. They put on a nice presentation and explained everything to me in detail. I’m presenting waiting for an offer. Rick the representative was very thorough and professional.

jim todd October 14, 2023

Our experience with Rick and the clearsale team has been so great. They gave us a full 90 days to close and we are very grateful the hard work is out of our hands. Can't wait to see the final results of my childhood home blessing a new family!

Amber Tucker October 12, 2023

Sold my moms house with these guys amd it went wonderfully and now using them to sell ours!! Great company and great people.

Denise Malson October 12, 2023

Rick was Very thorough and accommodating answered all my questions. Now I’m ready to go.

Norman Burgess October 4, 2023

I had the opportunity to meet with Rick from ClearSale. Rick was very professional and thorough with all of the processes. All questions and concerns were immediately answered. ClearSale has a very valuable associate. I will recommend ClearSale to all family and friends for future sales. Thank you ClearSale family.

Stan Deusser October 3, 2023

Rick did a amazing job explaining the whole process to us as well as being honest and just a overall good guy made this whole experience really great for us!! Would totally recommend this company and experience anytime

Holly Vigil October 2, 2023

Brian was very professional and friendly! He explained the process very well. So happy we found ClearSale.

Mary Winters September 28, 2023

Troy is very upfront and personable and easy to work with. He will tell you about other options even if they are not with them.

eric tade September 28, 2023

Thank you, Brian. It was most helpful to have met with you this morning. We are now better informed as to how your company functions and serves. You made us feel relaxed with the process, and appreciated your candidness across the board. We are now better informed to make a reasonably wise decision as to the most profitable decision for our family.

Carla Salazar September 26, 2023

Initial meeting with Rick was very positive. We had a good feeling when we parted, he seems genuine, and best of all, made no negative comments about anything or anyone. We hope this first meeting will lead to a positive outcome with this company. Thank you.

Gina Sena September 22, 2023

ClearSale has been the best so far. Best offer and easy to work with. Open Door in the past has made a decent offer then at the last minute dropped it 25%. I am really hoping this doesn't happen with ClearSale also.

Kevin Dickson September 22, 2023

Everything up front and honest very transparent.

Nomadic Vet September 19, 2023

Rick was professional, courteous and efficient when viewing the property. He was easy to work with and got back to me with an offer within 24 hours.

Mark Webber September 1, 2023

Rick is great! He's a straight shooter and is all about creating a win win situation. Unfortunately we weren't able to come to an agreement however he did continue to help me by giving me the info of a realtor who would help me get the value I'm looking for.

I am just at the beginning of the selling process, but Troy from ClearSale immediately put me at ease. He is clearly knowledgable and straightforward, and has a relaxed demeanor. My instincts tell me this is a good company.

Adrienne Crowe August 31, 2023

Very pleasant visit with Brian.

Sally Sjobeck August 28, 2023

Very nice visit with troy,if I should happen to sell the property you folks would be the ones I'd call thank you.

Gary Wayne August 28, 2023

Brian came out and did the cursory walk thru and then sat down with us and explained everything very clearly. Such a nice man and didn’t try to give us any b.s.. Glad we have decided to go thru ClearSale!

Pamala Kagarise August 24, 2023

Professional, nice and honest. I have had to deal with a lot of dishonest people's during this house sale. Glad I called your company.

Dujunce Winn August 24, 2023

It is an easy and simple process so far. Troy was very friendly.

Kayleen Bowling August 22, 2023

Even though we did not make a deal Rick Medina was honest and gave me other resources to look into that would be best for me. Thanks for the help.

Anthony medina August 16, 2023

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Why a Monument Cash Home Buyer is The Solution

ClearSale is here! We provide an easy cash-buying process that ensures you get your best offer without all the hassle — no budgeting for repairs, no waiting on loan decisions, and no commissions.

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